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The about us page is where you ought to spend quality time. Since geeks created the site, we had to rely on a writer for better articulation. She’s still thinking, over a cup of piping hot brew!


Now since we’re both here having a conversation, here’s a quick thought starter! We know you’re wise. The consumer always is. We figured you’d connect the dots and arrive at ‘see’ value. Aah, that’s probably it!

Consumers see value.


We’ve been, and continue to be, consumers ourselves. After collaborating on our collective learnings, we built CValue as a product we’d love. We believe in the philosophy that every purchase is an investment, hence the need to give more statistics on how it performs.

So we evaluate every purchase, weighing its merits and demerits. If India truly was a price sensitive market, high-end smartphones, tablets or luxury products wouldn’t sell like hotcakes. Sure, we are moving towards Value Consciousness. We follow products on offer through the lens of several data sets to represent trends through graphs and charts.

Value is at the core, the centre of everything we do. We believe value is involved from before you transact to after you have disposed the product. As a customer, you calculate costs, use coupons, credit cards or cash, we believe value is at the core of your consciousness as well.

Till then we prefer to simply – cvalue!

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